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Thank You For Our Best Christmas Season Ever!!!

    All Seven Volumes are Now Available!!!!!

Lyric Sheets Also Available!!!

What am I selling?

I am selling records with CD backups as well as CDs without records for those of you who already own the vinyl albums, mp3 downloads also available.  I've selected each track from a number of records to create a near commercial quality audio reproduction for each CD.                              


How do you get the records and CDs?

DLF Music offers you two ways in which you can enjoy hearing those old Firestone - Your Favorite Christmas records again.  Because you must own a copyright to the recording, you must own the records or purchase them with your CDs.

If you already own the records........You verify ownership of your Firestone - Your Favorite Christmas, (no need to send out your records) and send in your payment by Paypal or personal check/money order.  I then send you a CD.   If you already own the records, click here.     

If you do not own the records already....... You make your selection from our inventory of records (a matching CD is included with each) and send in your payment by Paypal or personal check/money order.  Upon receipt of your order and payment, I send you your record(s) and CD(s).  If you do not own the records already, click here.

Want to hear how good your CD will sound?

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What will your  Firestone - Your Favorite Christmas  CDs look like?

Each CD is printed (no labels) and contains a listing of all the songs, Volume Title, as well as an image of the front of the album cover.  Jewel cases are available separately.  Each jewel case contains the front album artwork, song listing on the back, and the Volume Title on the side spine.

Want to see how your CD will look?

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Why are Firestone - Your Favorite Christmas  CDs offered by DLF Music your Best Choice?

Simply put, because this isnít a sideline job or hobby for me.  It is my  full-time job. I've collected a number of copies of each volume of Firestone - Your Favorite Christmas. I've transferred all of these and selected only the very, very best for my master from which your CD is produced.


I am proud to say We have served over 20,000 customers.


If you have questions, call us Toll Free at 1-888-384-6970!!!!

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